Certified African Songs Receive Rave Recognition in the USA

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In a thrilling testament to the global influence of African music, several chart-topping hits have achieved remarkable certification status in the United States. These accolades reflect not only the talent of the artists but also the growing appreciation of African sounds on the international stage.

Leading the pack, CKay’s infectious track, “Love Nwantiti,” has soared to an impressive 4X Platinum status, capturing the hearts of listeners across the nation.

Close behind, Rema and Selena Gomez’s collaborative masterpiece, “Calm Down,” along with Wizkid’s sensational hit, “Essence,” have both secured the prestigious 3X Platinum recognition. These tracks have united artists from different corners of the world and resonate with fans far and wide.

Several African songs have achieved Platinum status, underscoring their widespread popularity in the USA. Libianca’s captivating “People,” Davido’s timeless classic “Fall,” Burna Boy’s anthemic “Ye,” and his mesmerizing collaboration with Last Last have all earned their Platinum stripes. Additionally, Fireboy’s chart-topping hit “Peru” and Wizkid’s magnetic “Come Closer” have joined this exclusive club, signifying their significant impact on American music enthusiasts.

Notably, South African sensation Master KG’s global hit “Jerusalema” has also achieved Gold certification. The track, celebrated for its infectious dance rhythm, has become a worldwide sensation, uniting people through the power of music.

Moreover, Tems’ enchanting “Free Mind” and “Higher” have received Platinum and Gold certifications, respectively, marking her ascent as a rising star in the industry.

The influence of Afrobeat and African rhythms is further underscored by Burna Boy’s “On The Low” and Davido’s “If,” both of which have secured Gold certification.

A particularly remarkable achievement is the Gold certification of the iconic collaboration, “Brown Skin Girl,” featuring Beyoncé, Wizkid, and Saint Jhn. This track has not only dominated charts but also celebrated the beauty of black culture and identity.

Legendary South African trumpeter Hugh Masekela’s timeless classic, “Grazin’ In The Grass,” has been awarded Gold certification, highlighting the enduring appeal of his music.

Korede Bello’s “Do Like That,” Ayo Jay’s “Your Number,” and Seether’s “Remedy,” “Careless Whisper,” and “Nobody Praying Me” have also achieved Gold certification, showcasing the diverse range of African music making its mark on the American music scene.

In a world where music knows no boundaries, these certifications stand as a testament to the universal appeal of African music and the talents of the artists who continue to capture hearts and minds around the globe. As African music continues to make its mark on the world stage, these achievements serve as a resounding celebration of its enduring influence and popularity in the United States.