TiC selected as UK based OA Pay’s brand ambassador


Ghanaian music legend TiC has been named as the brand ambassador for OA Pay, an Africa-first money transfer network established in the United Kingdom.
One Africa Technologies Ltd.’s registered trademark, OA Pay, takes pride in being a genuine homegrown remittance platform governed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK.
The partnership will allow the Ghanaian music titan to represent the brand, lead campaigns, carry out educational projects, and engage in other OA Pay activities.
Considering the accomplishments and the influence he has had via his music career in Ghana, Nigeria, the UK, the US, and other countries across the world, TiC stated his joy about the partnership and indicated that he is thrilled to be a part of OA Pay’s growth path.
Additionally, TiC claims that this chance gives him a platform to connect Ghanaians living both domestically and overseas via a service created by Africans, for Africans.
OA Pay simply understands and resonates with the African settings and narrative.
“Getting access to an efficient remittance platform has become crucial in this digital age, therefore the need for a fast, convenient, reliable and easy approach to how people can send and receive money with the best rates in the market,” as stated by TiC.
TiC encourages families in Ghana, Nigeria, the UK, and the US to use the app and urges their families to get involved because it is reliable, “Using the platform comes with some bonuses among others which benefits the users, besides the seamless service from OA Pay”.
TiC claims to have used the platform frequently while in the UK and attests to its success in bridging the gap in money transfer services and promoting financial inclusiveness. TiC goes on to say that he is happy to join and represent OA Pay due to the capabilities and ambition of the platform.
The CEO of OA Pay, Mrs. Tracey Abiola, expressed her delight at TiC’s partnership and his wide and sincere experiences in Africa.
The CEO went on to say that TiC’s brand is well-known and respected both domestically and abroad and that his acceptance of their offer illustrates the significant value he brings to the table.
The best part about using the OA Pay app to pay for goods and services while traveling in Africa is that there are no hidden fees or commissions, it offers the highest transfer rates, and transfers are communicated via real-time alerts, cutting out middlemen.
The business actively supports social issues and the welfare of regional communities across the continent