Eastern Commodity Satellite Market Fair Promotes Value Addition for Farmers

African News

The Eastern Commodity Satellite Market Fair, a significant agricultural event, has opened its doors, encouraging farmer-based organizations in the Eastern Region to explore value-added products for local and external markets. Organized by the Eastern Regional Agric Directorate and Coordinating Council, this fair aims to reduce post-harvest losses and enhance food security in the region.

While the Eastern Region has witnessed improvements in crop yields due to various interventions and programs over the years, the aspect of marketing through value addition has been largely untapped. Initiated three years ago, the Eastern Commodity Satellite Market Fair serves as a vital link connecting farmers to markets, thereby boosting the supply of high-quality agricultural produce to small-scale processors and consumers.

Exhibitors from farmer-based organizations representing all 33 district assemblies have converged to showcase locally-produced goods for potential transactions. These exhibitors have expressed their enthusiasm for the fair’s positive impact on their product growth.

Solomon Attipoe, one of the exhibitors, shared his excitement, saying, “I am thrilled to be here again after the last two events. We have developed more product lines from Begoro, and a number of our products have been registered by the Food and Drug Authority. For us, it’s a blessing.”

Another exhibitor added, “Our local rice is Atiwa Rice, which we have carefully packaged to meet the highest standards. It offers nutritional value as well. Year after year, our sales have been impressive, and we look forward to establishing long-lasting relationships.”

Habiba Yussif, the Eastern Regional Agriculture Director, emphasized the vision of industrializing the region while ensuring that products meet certified standards. She stated, “After engaging with our farmers, we realized that marketing was a challenge for them. The satellite market seeks to build their capacity to add value to the produce they grow. We have invited regulatory bodies to ensure that products are certified to meet industry standards.”

Yussif further highlighted the significance of the Eastern Region as an agricultural hub and the importance of harnessing the opportunities it offers.

Seth Kwame Acheampong, the Eastern Region Minister, underscored the critical role of positioning small-scale industries and farmer-based organizations to meet established standards for transactional values. The Food and Drug Authority and its affiliated agencies are actively involved in ensuring that exhibitors’ products meet certified standards.

This year’s Eastern Satellite Market Fair is themed “Enhancing Value Addition and Export Potential through the Eastern Commodity Satellite Market: the Role of Regulatory Bodies.” It stands as a testament to the region’s commitment to improving agricultural practices and promoting value-added products in the market.