FanMilk recalls certain batches of Fan Yogo because of texture issues

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Concerns about texture with regard to Fan Yogo, one of FanMilk Ghana Limited’s key products, have been officially acknowledged.

In a press release dated July 3, 2023, the firm claimed that it had recognized the issues with the texture of about 28 batches and had subsequently recalled those products.

“Importantly, our expert team has confirmed that the above batches are safe for consumption. In addition, we engaged the Food Research Institute (FRI) to conduct an independent test which also confirmed that despite the variation in texture, the product is still safe to consume.”

The company has, notwithstanding the occurrence, carried out extensive studies on the impacted batches to identify the underlying source of the problem, the statement stated.

“So far, the root cause identified on the recent issue of FanYogo is due to both a recent change in our starch source and variations in handling.”

It mentioned five significant locations where people who own the impacted product batches can go to get their supplies replaced.

Customers of the ice cream had been complaining for weeks about how the texture had significantly changed, both visually and flavor-wise.

A portion of the public has since called for a boycott of that particular ice cream until the company provides an explanation.