FIFA opens disciplinary proceedings against Luis Rubiales after kissing Jenni Hermoso on World cup podium

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FIFA has initiated disciplinary actions against Luis Rubiales, the president of the Spanish FA, following his behavior during the FIFA Women’s World Cup final in Sydney. Rubiales has faced backlash for his actions during Spain’s victory over England, including grabbing his crotch in celebration near Spain’s Queen Letizia and kissing midfielder Jenni Hermoso on the lips during the trophy presentation.

In response, FIFA’s disciplinary committee informed Rubiales that they are investigating potential violations of FIFA’s Disciplinary Code, specifically articles 13 paragraphs 1 and 2, which pertain to offensive behavior and breaches of fair play principles. FIFA stressed its commitment to upholding individual integrity and condemning contrary behavior.

Rubiales apologized for the Hermoso incident, but the Spanish prime minister deemed it insufficient. The Spanish FA has organized an extraordinary general assembly to address the matter and has initiated internal proceedings. FIFPRO, the world players’ union, had called for FIFA’s involvement earlier, and FUTPRO, representing Hermoso’s interests, strongly condemned the behavior that degrades women’s dignity.

Rubiales, a UEFA vice-president, and member of its executive committee, could face potential consequences from these proceedings, affecting his position within UEFA and Spain’s bid for the 2030 men’s World Cup co-hosting rights. The decision on hosting will be made at an upcoming FIFA Congress.