Queen Ayorkor's PHASE&FACES

Introducing ‘PHASE&FACES’: A Musical Journey Unveiling Queen Ayorkor’s Authentic Self


Queen Ayorkor, a multi-talented artist with an unwavering commitment to self-discovery, invites music enthusiasts to embark on a transformative musical journey with their debut EP, ‘PHASE&FACES’ set to be released on the 27th of July 2023. This remarkable project showcases the evolution of her career, the exploration of diverse genres, and the unveiling of her true self, encapsulating the essence of her artistic journey.

‘PHASE&FACES’ is a collection of captivating tracks that reflect the various phases Queen Ayorkor’s career has undergone. As an all-around artist, She has fearlessly delved into different musical styles and genres, seeking to find her unique sound and authentic identity. This EP serves as a testament to her growth, offering listeners an intimate glimpse into her personality and artistic evolution.

Through soulful vocals and introspective lyricism, ‘PHASE&FACES’ encapsulates the profound journey Queen Ayorkor has experienced. Produced by JVB music and played by the talented band fra!, this project weaves together scenes that Queen Ayorkor has personally lived through, ensuring an authentic and relatable experience for her listeners. The EP explores genres such as Neo soul, reggae, and highlife, each contributing to the beautiful tapestry of sound that defines this project.

‘PHASE&FACES’ is a true reflection of Queen Ayorkor’s diverse musicality and showcases her best work to date. From heartfelt ballads to infectious rhythms, every track on this EP has been crafted with meticulous attention to detail, aiming to captivate and resonate with listeners on a profound level. The authenticity and passion infused into each song create an immersive and unforgettable musical experience.

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I have waited for you so long! The journey has been worth every instance to finally say the next phase is here ……let’s countdown to #PHASE&FACES 27.07.23

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