It’s tough reaching out to the latest crop of musicians to work with – MzBel


Ghana’s renowned hip-life artist, Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah, widely recognized as MzBel, has discussed the challenges she encounters when seeking collaborations with emerging musicians in the industry. Speaking on Onua FM’s “Adwuma Adwuma” with Felicia Osei, MzBel expressed that connecting with new and young artists for collaborations proves arduous due to their reluctance and disinterest.

The hitmaker of “E dey bee” acknowledged the difficulty in collaborating, attributing it to both parties hesitating to accept or decline offers, leading to uncertainty. MzBel emphasized that despite being in the same industry, the process with these new artists takes longer, unlike when helping others.

She advocated for transparency and cooperation among artists, suggesting they openly communicate their schedules instead of rejecting collaboration requests. MzBel revealed that her discomfort in engaging with new and young talents has hindered collaborations.

Among those she has enjoyed working with, MzBel praised the late Castro, Kofi Kinaata, Shiloh, and Screw Face. Aside from a few collaborations, including with Kofi Kinaata, Shiloh, and Screw Face, MzBel emphasized her preference for working with Castro due to the comfort she felt around him.

MzBel, also a successful entrepreneur, holds a global ambassadorship for individuals with disabilities. She has delivered popular songs like “16 years,” “Awoso me,” “E dey bee,” “Asibolanaga,” and “Saucy Girl” to Ghanaian audiences since 2006.