Rapper OJ Blaq passes after a long battle with kidney disease

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Although the precise reason for his passing is still unknown, the rapper bravely battled a long-term kidney condition.

OJ Blaq, aka The Biggie Boy Lover, confessed that binge drinking and smoking led to his double kidney failure a few years ago in an interview from February of last year.

“I totally stopped smoking and drinking, and I started eating more vegetables. Not all vegetables are good for renal patients, it hasn’t been easy switching my diet, but if you really love your life, you have to adapt. It can be life altering for renal patients when they stop taking their BP drugs as well,” OJ Blaq siad on Asaase Radio.

He also advised the youth to prioritise their health and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

“What I want to tell young ones is that they need to check what they eat well,” OJ Blaq said, adding: “Do a lot of check-ups and eat well. Sometimes, due to ignorance we are not aware that certain things aren’t good for us, so we need to research on the right foods to consume.”

Touching on how he found out about his kidney failure, OJ Blaq recalled: “I had an accident on a motor bike. After that I started having swells on my feet and I thought it was from the accident, which some doctors told me they were just infections from my accident.”

“I attributed all the kidney symptoms to the motor accident I had. I was later diagnosed with kidney failure and put on dialysis when I expressed intense fatigue,” OJ Blaq added.