The Assorko Chief expresses anger over his exclusion from the committee investigating the Anto-Aboso quarry explosion.

African News

Sixteen days following the tragic Kobina-Andokrom-Anto-Aboso quarry explosion, which claimed the lives of six individuals, the Assorko community in the Shama District has expressed profound discontent over their exclusion from the recently formed nine-member committee tasked with investigating the calamitous quarry explosion. Nana Brekrom, the Chief of Assorko, conveyed this dismay during a press conference following the Western Regional Minister’s establishment of the investigative committee.

Nana Brekrom highlighted the fact that Assorko holds ownership of the Kobina-Andokrom area and suffered repercussions from the explosion. Nevertheless, both the Shama District and the Regional Minister have seemingly disregarded Assorko, formulating a committee without their representation. The Assorko Chief questioned the rationale behind establishing a committee to investigate an incident on their land without involving them and emphasized the importance of their involvement in the investigation, as they are the landowners.

He further inquired whether the committee intended to approach Assorko for information as part of its investigative process, expressing their disappointment and frustration at being disregarded and disrespected on their own land.