Wendy Shay sends addresses Prez. Akufo-Addo in a tweet


She praises President Akufo-Addo’s commitment to the welfare of Ghanaians in a tweet to him, but she also emphasizes the urgent need to eliminate import taxes, particularly those imposed on automobiles.

The gifted musician highlights the dramatic contrast between the cost of buying a car in the US and the excessive duties one must pay when importing one.

She then notes that import taxes on a $35,000 car purchased in the US would be an extra $30,000, or a startling 397,707.10 Cedis.

“Your excellency @NAkufoAddo Mr president, I know you have the welfare of Ghanaians at heart but can you please do something about import duties, especially on cars?

“The import duties on cars are way Outrageous. You buy a car in the US for $35,000 (397,707.10 Cedis) and pay $30,000 USD (340,891.80 Cedis) as duty. Please do something Mr. President,” she lamented.